Tony Chestnut

The Peoples Poet, Liverpool UK.

A message from Tony Chestnut...

As Tony 'A Chestnut' Brown,
The Peoples Poet of Liverpool 2000.
I can proudly say, each day, I pay
my productive contribution back into society.
Comes with sharing
a generosity of spirit.

Attaining mutual admiration, lifting
spirits, showing interest, interactions on a
one to one, focus upon, special
subjects for the client, sentiments, situations,
siblings and whats important particularly
to the individual that is currently
the client, in gallery, bistro or bar.

Then creating further opportunities
encouraging good will and motivation
towards thinking of others, about change,
with an altruistic attitude.

This I can say I acheive
on a daily basis.
Performing as The Peoples Poet.

Tony 'A Chestnut' Brown
20th November 2000

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